Just another guy

I have to choose from a lot of parts…i don’t know what i really want..seriously,play,drama or..dreamy moments who will stay tiped on my hearth,moments who I will take with me in the grave.From the start,i wanted to write something cute,but now,a freaky ideea hit me right in the head.Here we go!Why should I be everytime the pretty girl?Ohh!I do not fucking want this shit anymore,dudee.Can you understand?Okay!Look,now i grow up,i wait and live the moments,i take everything slow and watta hell?!Im happy now,i can’t be sad,no,not this time babe,my life’s going on,with or without you.But..if i’m thinking ..i’m so fucking feeling good without you.Ohh yea`!I can’t believe too what i said,but,it’s true.I hurt myself for love..ohh,i was so stupid..love?you?No way!That’s not a good combination.All what i want to say’s you’re another fucked guy,you know,now,i feel nothing  for you,finally.

Sorry for my english xd!


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